Government Economic Policy at a 2nd Grade Level

If you can make it through the feel-good banter and annoying production value of this fluff-piece, there is a very telling quote from a 2nd grade kid explaining her economic outlook…it is strikingly familiar.

The exchange went down like this:

Reporter: “If you were running for president, why should i vote for you?”

Adorable Kid: “I would like ask the rich people to give some of the money to the government and ask the government to give it to the people who really need the money.”

Reporter: “I represent the rich people now, I don’t want to give any more money.”

Adorable Kid: “Well, then you’re greedy…no offense”

For a 2nd grader, this is acceptable, even impressive that a still-forming mind can grasp the concept of redistribution.  Unfortunately, when these words are uttered from fully formed minds, it’s not nearly as cute.

Link to video in screenshot…


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