We Didn’t Go To Vietnam Last Night…

But our hacker did!

We’d like to thank the kind people of Vietnam, specifically Yoon Lee and Kwang Min An who performed some serious jujutsu and sorcery by accessing our Paypal and Gmail account from somewhere in Saigon.

The grand conclusion of a mostly idle Paypal account from 7 years ago for the infrequent eBay transaction has resulted in a dimly lit computer cafe being used to funnel cash through our Paypal accounts.  America!  American Express expertly emailed us within minutes and already placed a hold on the transaction, bravo.

So, a round of applause and hacker roll call for:

– Yoon Lee
– Bart Barry III
– Kwang Min An
– Patrick Kettleborough

“See A Charge You Didn’t Make?” – why, yes I do!

Remember, change your passwords often!  Total time expenditure, including this post – 3.5 hours.


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