Sneakers with Spiral Things on Bottom Don’t Actually Make You More Fit?

The Federal Trade Commision and National Bureau of EconoLOLs has released a statement that Reebok will have to pay $25 million in a settlement over its EasyTone and RunTone Sneaks.  You know, the ones with those annoying billboards with a really fit women wearing sneakers that resemble space boots.  The implication of these ads being that “if you walk in these magical sneakers with the spirally things on the bottom, you’ll get super fit!.”  The other implication being that there are very desperate, lazy, and gullible consumers everywhere who take a look at these and think, “yes, that is my gateway to fitness”…

See the article here at Women’s Health…a surprisingly great source for macro-economic news as well as recipes for low-fat delicious desserts…

Crazy Sneakers Don’t Actually Make Women More Fit


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