No, No, We Said “Flat” Tax not “Fat” Tax

As a young boy, growing up on mean suburban streets, I had always thought that Steve Forbes was calling for a “fat tax” rather than a “flat tax.”  I naturally assumed this idea meant taxing fat people and I found this to be completely unfair.  It was not until much later in life that I figured out what Forbes was actualy proposing was a flat tax, which seemed more fair but much less fun.  Denmark, apparently, agrees that a fat tax would be a lot of fun.

The Denmarkians or Danes as it is more proper to refer to them by, will  pay an extra 30p on each pack of butter, 8p on a pack of crisps, and an extra 13p on a pound of mince, as a result of the tax.  We have no clue what a crisp nor a mince is, but they sound delicious.

We all know that controlling individual behavior by means of taxing it always turns out well, right?   With black markets, importing from neighboring regions without such taxes, and other work-arounds, we’re confident this ends well.


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