Poll: 75% of Intelligent People Think Polls are Useless

We hate polls.  They are easily manipulated, vulnerable to institutional bias (hello Rasmussen), trotted out by every interest group in existence to leverage an argument, and those administering them are usually kind of creepy.

Despite our disdain for the world of polling, it was hard not to take notice this week of attention given to the public support for the “Buffet Rule,” based on the Oracle’s debunked claim that his secretary pays higher tax rates than he does.  We came across a popular web forum trotting out the headline “70% of the US support the ‘Buffet Rule’!” followed by a link to the very objective and always rational (yes, that was sarcasm) Daily Kos website where we came across this poll question

The wording of this poll, indicative of many like it, encapsulates why polls are generally nonsense.  If you managed to read the above line of questioning while keeping a straight face, then you are either mentally unstable or Clint Eastwood.

Econolol Poll: Do you support or oppose the idea that people making over 1 million dollars per year should kick less puppies than those making less than 1 million dollars per year?

Results posted tomorrow.

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