Former Google Guy to Pres-O, “Please Love me?”

Former Google Director of Consumer Marketing and Brand Management, Doug Edwards, who seemingly cashed out with a nice chunk of deserved cash, pleads with his hero to love him.  Well, he doesn’t quite use those words, but he may as well have when literally asking to have his taxes raised in the below video.  We’re not giving Mr. Edwards the benefit of the doubt here by assuming that he only would like his taxes to be raised and not millions of other people as well.

Apparently, Google-guy has given $300,000 to politicians since 2000, which is fine, but we’re wondering how much he’s voluntarily offered to help pay down all the wonderful operations of the government that he so enthusiastically supports.  In particular, he called out Pell Grants (or shell pants, that part of the video is a bit fuzzy), which is a program pointed at students in need of funds to pay for education.  Google-guy would like his earnings to be taxed at a higher rate so that more funds can be diverted into Pell Grants…as opposed to just giving some of his money to the program or better yet, subsidizing the education of some kids of his own choosing.

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