Rick Perry’s Tax Record…A Story of Raises…

At the GOP coiffing contest, I mean debate, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas accused his state’s governor of misrepresenting his record on taxes, claiming that Perry (sometimes spelled “Parry” with an “A” added in for “America) has a murky tax past with a propensity for raising rates.  Perry refuted this claim and the debate over who is America’s most well groomed man with the largest family resumed.  Econolol did some research (we spent 2 mins on google) to find out the truth…

Perry’s tax hikes (H/T PolitiFact, Texas RLC, NY Times):

  • House Bill 3667, which Perry signed into law on June 16, 2001, enacted a 2 percent tax on the retail sale of fireworks to help fund a rural volunteer fire department insurance fund. The new levy was projected to generate $848,000 over the next two years; it ended up raising about $1.4 million in that period
  •  Senate Bill 5, which Perry signed into law June 15, 2001, creating the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan Fund as part of an effort to help reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, which are air pollutants. Revenue for the fund was generated through “several new charges,” including a tax of 1 percent on the purchase or rental of diesel equipment.
  •  House Bill 1365, signed by the governor on June 22, 2003, made tweaks in the emissions reduction fund to bring in more money. With the changes, the report says, the impact to the fund was projected to be $234.9 million in 2004-05.
  • In 2004,Perry enacted a $1-a-pack increase in cigarette taxes, a fee on admissions to topless bars, a statewide business property tax, and the closure of loopholes enabling some taxpayers to avoid the state’s franchise and motor vehicle taxes.
  • In 2006, he revamped the franchise tax, increased the cigarette tax and modified how the state taxes used-car purchases.   The franchise tax expands business taxes to types of businesses which are not taxed in most states and in many cases taxes small businesses more than large corporations they compete with.
  • Tobacco users were hit again in 2009, when the Legislature decided to tax smokeless tobacco on weight rather than price.
  • In 2010, Texas unemployment taxes jumped from $64.80 per employee, compared with $23.40 the previous year.
  • An Online sales tax measure was instituted in 2011 to raise $60 million.
A new campaign slogan idea for the governor – “Rick Perry, not as opposed to raising taxes as previously thought, but will mostly do it in roundabout ways so as not to be perceived as a tax raiser.”  Too wordy?



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