At least this isn’t as bad as Madoff! See also – Union dues spent at strip club

There are lots of big numbers in this article from Bloomie, “Union Member uses Union credit card at strip club.”

Astonishingly, we like the defense – “hey, at least I didn’t waste as much as Madoff!”

But, let’s look at the math:

Madoff – $19B fraud / serving 150 years =$126M per year punishment

Union guy – $50,000 fraud / serving 2.3 years = $21k per year punishment

We’re unclear on the definition of “the rich should pay their fair share.”  Should the union guy be in jail for 20 mins from this?  We’re easily confused.

Now, when Madoff gets out of prison in 150 years, money won’t even exist, we’ll be zapping unit payments around to each other with the transmitters in our cavities, so he won’t be able to defraud anyone, so I guess I feel safe now.  We’re hoping the employees at the strip club will still be able to afford textbooks and tuition now that union jacks are no longer patrons.  Is anyone checking on them?

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