Combining Health Care With the Drug War…

This short, but disturbing story illustrates both the wasted economic resources of the drug war and the frightening lack of market pricing in health care.

According to a story in a local New Mexico (who knew that was a real state) publication, a woman with no criminal record who was “believed” by the authorities to be concealing up to an ounce of bad stuff was subjected to a forcible cavity search.  This happens many times a day thanks to the ‘ole war-on-bad-stuff, but what draws the attention of us at Econolol is that following the fruitless search, the woman was then billed by the hospital $1,122 for the procedure.  I now understand better why my doctor appointments where i get to sit in the cold room and play with the nose-looker-upper device for 20 mins before I am seen by a doctor for 4 mins costs hundreds of dollars.  When the consumer is removed from the equation such as in health care operations, where the gamut includes employer-insurance-medical provider, price sensitivity ceases to exist…allowing for a $1,122 priced reach-around.

But, seriously kids…don’t do drugs and stuff…

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