Make law. Law gets desired effect. Oops, don’t like the desired effect….hurry, cancel the law!

We need more revenue, where are we going to get more revenue, we need to raise revenue, and so on.  (We’ll ignore the obvious flip side to this – stop spending)

In Dallas, the city council decided a lucrative source of revenue was traffic tickets.  Specifically, loose violations like running yellow/tan/red lights.  But, it is expensive to have officers camp out at intersections!  Lets install cameras!

Strangely, once the eye in the sky was watching over every innocent move (and a few guilty ones), drivers obeyed traffic laws as written.  No more running red lights, rolling through stop signs, etc.  Then revenue from lucrative traffic tickets fell through the floor!  So, instead of having a safer city (and less of this insanity):

….the City Council….REMOVES the traffic cameras!

econoLOL at the Dallas City Council for a regulation that worked so well, they didn’t want it anymore:

Bonus econoLOL: Note the part where the city estimates the revenue to be derived from the cameras.  A classic mistake by lumbering administrations is to base the estimate of the new situation by assuming the exact same behavior in the new scenario.  We’ve never found behavior to remain the same before and after any law.  As a bonus, we’ll send you a traffic camera if you can find one example.

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