We’ve Seen This Before…Right?

Despite our best efforts, we here at EconoLOL simply could not resist commenting on Warren Buffet’s $5 billion bet on Bank of America.

Rather than dive into the pool of analysis which many other sites have competently covered, we will just illustrate the steps taken here.

1.  Consult with highest ranking official in all of government: “Obama Calls Buffett.” 

2. Invest in a toxic large bank whose public perception is falling by the day:Buffet invests 5 Billion in Bank of America.

3. Profit: Coming soon

We’d like to clarify, that EconoLOL is not prone to conspiracy theorism and avoids tin-foil hats as much as possible.  However, when a pattern emerges it is not a conspiracy to draw parallels…in other words, we’ve seen this before, right…

1.  Buffet bets $5 billion on Goldman Sachs receiving a bailout: “Buffet Invests in Goldman” 

2. Goldman receives a $12.9 billion bailout: “Goldman Reveals Where The Bailout Cash Went.”

3. Profit: Buffet To Make 70% on Goldman Investment

We foresee another medal in the Oracle’s future…

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