Where Green Energy Subsidies Go to Die…

In 2010, it is reported by the Dep’t of Energy and the Federal Bureau of EconoLOLs, renewable/green energy subsidies amounted to approximately $15 billion, a 186% year over year increase.  Surely, this has translated into hard results, after-all, if there is one thing we have learned from government expenditures, it’s that they are efficient!  Foreign interventions and adventures, bailouts, and a department for every possible human function, has instilled in us a sense of trust in how our officials spend the money they tax and borrow…

Results: Less than 1.5% of domestic energy is produced by “renewable” sources, a measly half a percent increase from 2007.   So, for 50 bucks per person of all US citizens, we are subsidizing an industry that the market is rejecting…

Article and econoLOL here…



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